In China, Winning Girls and Glory -- Without a Car

China's Green Brothers (John Romankiewicz and Zhao Xiangyu) are on a mission to expose the upside of China's environmental challenge through video podcasts. Their first three episodes (including this one we covered on recycling) were informative but about as dry as the Lijiang River. The latest labor of green brotherly love -- about one young man's crusade to survive in Beijing without a car -- is packed with action, public transit love, bus seating etiquette, eco rap, and some good green fun. And lovable Sun Zhe's determination to use public transit and his bike (and bring home the girls and the glory) in spite of Beijing's sprawl, smog, and the onslaught of cars, gets me every time. As one commenter noted, "Indeed, it did have the strong emotinoal effect!!!"

Anyone who needs a reminder of why public transit is awesome -- and even those who don't -- should just watch.

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