If People with Lawnmowers Were Treated Like Cyclists


Anyone who watches Mad Men is aware of the dangers of lawnmowers; in the UK, 6,500 people are injured every year by them. Yet there are no big lawnmower safety campaigns. Many bike advocates think that cycling safety campaigns, helmets and separate bike lanes are plots to discourage and frighten cyclists, and to get them off the road so that cars can go faster instead of learning to share the road. UK Website Real Cycling! imagines the kind of campaign Don and Peggy might come up with to treat the lawnmowing community like cyclists:

lawnmower bike

The worst of all possible worlds

  • Get message out that mowing is dangerous. Promote use of helmet, reflective gear, pollen mask etc

  • Lobby councils to provide marked, separated mowing lanes in public parks

  • Beware of mower-couriers, who often take more risks

  • Stay united - resist factional splits into scythe users, push-mowers, ride-ons, tourers etc

More points in Realcycling via Copenhagenize

Mikael of Copenhagenize popped up in the comments section with another suggestion:

I propose writing a book called Grasscraft which overcomplicates the issue and 'teaches' people how to mow.

He did his own parody earlier this year, about the dangers of walking pets without helmets and wrist guards.

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