I want a smart bike with frickin' lasers

smart bike from samsumg
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Samsung makes smart phones by the millions, and Giovanni Plizzoli makes high-end bike frames by hand. It seems an odd match. However the Korean electronics giant is doing a program in Italy where they "transmit to the generations of the future the secrets of the maestros". They worked with Maestro Pelizzoli to build a smart city bike.

Samsung Smart Bike from Samsung Maestros Academy on Vimeo.

How smart is it? The curved frame is designed to soak up vibrations from rough city streets, and encloses an arduino computer that connects to the smart phone that snaps magnetically onto the handlebar. This connects through GPS to tell you the best routes to where you are going, and to a rear view camera to see what is coming up too fast behind you.

Oh, and did I mention it has four lasers, to project bike lanes forward and back. (We have seen these before with Light Lane) No idea what this is going to cost, but you're gonna need a bigger lock.

I am not certain about the laser lane thing, but the rear camera is a neat idea. What would be more useful would be a front camera as well, so that it would act as a "black box", recording on the camera all of the crazy things that every rider sees in the course of a day. Forward firing metal cutting lasers would be nice too, to slice through all the cars parked in the bike lanes. Now THAT would be a smart city bike.

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I want a smart bike with frickin' lasers
Samsung works with top Italian frame builder to work with a smart phone to do some interesting things.

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