Human-Powered Snow Vehicle Zips You Over Hills In Silence

snow machine human powered image

Images via The Design Blog

Dashing through the snow...on a human-powered sleigh...over the hills we go...laughing all the way. Err....

Or sort of. Designer Michele Marin has dreamed up a human-powered snow machine that will get you over the powdery hills without the need for a fossil fueled engine -- and alternative for those of us who want to enjoy zipping over hills with more finesse than a snowmobile can offer, if not the same amount of speed.

snow machine human powered image

The Design Blog states, "Finished in bent aluminum sheets to make it lightweight for easy controls weight, the HPS Vehicle is constructed without molding technologies, which makes it completely recyclable and eco-friendly."

snow machine human powered image

Using recycled aluminum would be even greener. Nevertheless, the idea of using a human-powered vehicle to dash over hills sounds interesting. I don't know whether or not this thing looks better than simply using a pair of skis -- and it seems like you wouldn't be able to get very far if there is fairly deep powdery snow. I suppose for cross-country travel, a vehicle like this would be preferable over skis. Either way, you're in for a workout -- but it's certainly more quiet than a snowmobile. Would you use it?

The design actually reminds me a lot of this sno-ped (which we actually can't see if it works well...):

What really seems to work wonderfully is this rad pedal-powered snow plow:

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