How "Undriving Licenses" Encourage a Rethink of Mobility (Video)

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Getting your driver's license is no longer the rite of passage it once was.

Youths are waiting longer to learn to drive. Many young people are embracing the bike. And the rapid growth of the sharing economy and the spread of ZipCar means that even those who do learn to drive may not see car ownership as their ticket to "real adulthood" anymore.

One Seattle-based organization aims to be a catalyst for this cultural shift, issuing "Undriving™ Licenses" to anyone pledging to reduce their car use in the coming month. From biking to mass transit to car sharing to simply staying at home, the idea is to encourage creative thinking and a broader reframing of what we mean by mobility and personal freedom.

Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV sat down with founder Julia Field to discuss Undriving™ and what it hopes to achieve. And she got herself a license too.

How "Undriving Licenses" Encourage a Rethink of Mobility (Video)
Most TreeHuggers practice some form of "undriving" already. Is it time you got your license?

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