How To Cycle In Winter: Carry Lots of Kleenex

yvonne bambrick winter cycling

Richard Lautens, Toronto Star

That is the advice Catherine Porter got from Yvonne Bambrick, while learning how to cycle in winter. "Some people do the, what do they call it, snot rockets. Yuck."

Bambrick is the executive director of the Toronto Cyclists Union and practices what she preaches. She is of the Copenhagen Cycle Chic school; "tall, long black coat, chic red hat dotted with a delicate bicycle pin, dark sunglasses. She could be shopping in Paris. Her bike is a grey Dutch seven-speed, the front basket adorned with bulrushes, white plastic flowers cascading off the back."

And she bikes year round.
As Catherine Porter notes,

To prove cycling is a legitimate form of transportation, you need to do it in winter - just like drivers do.

Who else would add black ice and skidding cars to the list of perils summer cyclists face?

"It's not for everyone," Bambrick concurs. "There's days when you shouldn't be driving a car either."

Her advice: Wear layers. And goggles. Slow down. Stay stable. Use "extreme caution" approaching streetcar tracks. Practise first.

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