How To Be Seen On Your Bike at Night


Now that we are back to standard time, it gets dark awfully early and cyclists need their lights; it is surprising how many I see with none, usually wearing trendy black clothing. One doesn't need to dress up like a Christmas tree like Olivia Chow, but LEDs have made bike lights cheaper, brighter and smaller. Or forget the smaller and cheaper and go all out for brighter with Bicygnals, " designed by Gavin Thomson Design using modern design cues for a slimline aerodynamic and ergonomic solution to complement most contemporary urban cycles." There are so many clever things about these, including turn signals, wireless connection between front and rear lamps, and the two pieces snap together for easy carrying, because you would never leave such a light on your bike.


Available (in the UK) at ::Bicygnals Limited., via ::Sci Fi Tech


● Complies with Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations
● Front Switches Control Front and Rear Indicators
● Wirefree Communication
● 5 Super Bright White LED's Head Light
● 3 Super Bright Red LED's Rear Light
● Flashing and Non-Flashing Lighting Modes
● 8 Super Bright Orange LED's Front Indicators
● 6 Super Bright Orange LED's Rear Indicators
● Tell Tale Indicators

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