How (Not) To Lock Your Bike: The Return of Hal

Locking Bikes Right: New York Gets Graded Again
Bike theft sucks. In fact it's one of the most annoying things about being an urban cyclist. (Apart from facing near death experiences on an almost daily basis!) So it's a little sad that when I posted about Hal Ruzal's expert bike locking advice, he was attacked by Willy Bio (who'd have thought it?) for being a "dopey 40 something hippie trustifarian goon". But Hal must have some thick skin - because he's back with a vengence, and I for one am mighty glad. In this "third and final" grading of New Yorkers bike locking abilities from StreetFilms, Hal shows us how he locks his bike - and takes a tour of the town to see if his fellow citizens have learned anything. Believe it or not - he actually gives someone an A+! And the basics are pretty simple:- Remove anything removable: Saddles, bags, lights, pumps and water bottles are all stealable.

- Make sure your locking post is firmly attached to the ground.

- Use a decent u-lock and cable.

- Lock your front wheel, frame and back wheel to your locking post.

- Replace quick release levers, and even regular bolts, with less accessible fixings.

- Ride a crappy bike.

Thanks Hal! Please tell us this isn't really your final episode - or are you moving on to grade Boston next?

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