How Do You Cycle in the Rain with Glasses?

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Image credit: Dave Gingrich, used under Creative Commons license.

From what to do if you see a bike thief to how do you keep your toes warm in winter, the Guardian's bike blog covers some of the most important, and practical, questions faced by everyday cyclists. (OK—it's also where I learned about fake horse silhouettes for your bike, so it's not all practical stuff.) The latest question they pose is one very dear to my heart—and familiar from days when I cycled daily in the UK—how do bespectacled cyclists keep their glasses clear when it rains? Peter Walker notes, from his own personal experiences, that rain, cycling and glasses simply don't mix. He has, he says, tried everything from jamming a baseball cap under his helmet, purchasing a helmet with a built-in peak, and even removing his glasses and dealing with short-sightedness instead. But, in a fit of desperation (he does cycle in England after all), he asked his readers for advice.

As usual, the responses ranged from the practical (rainex, keep a handkerchief in your pocket, waterproof baseball cap etc) through the dismissive (use a different form of transportation) to the bizarre (lick your lenses regularly to prevent them fogging up). Dish soap and vaseline were also mentioned as a lens treatment that prevents water from collecting.

Head on over to The Guardian if you have your own hints and tips to share on wet weather biking with glasses, or share your thoughts below. Personally, I always found that stopping off in a pub and waiting for the rain to stop worked pretty well. Not sure if that will work for the commuters among us...

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