How to carry a case of beer (and other unwieldy items) on your bike

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People have carried the most amazing things by bike, and we at TreeHugger have helped publicize their sometimes heroic efforts to make two wheels hauls tons of goods.

For most of us, the quest is simply to move the daily necessities - groceries and rain gear, babies and beer.

Jonathan Akers of Fietsklik decided a system was needed to get these staples - especially and specifically a crate of beer - safely home by city cycle.

He and Dutch colleagues created the Klik system - a platform that latches on to the back rack of a bike, and a number of accessories that easily attach and detach from the platform.

The flagship of the Klik system, Akers said, is the Klik Crate, a wheeled cargo 'cooler' with an extendable handle and wheels. As you may have guessed, the Crate perfectly carries a crate of beer.

Perhaps even better for the city cyclist, it allows you to go to the store, wheel around and collect all your groceries without need for any extraneous plastic bags, and go straight from store to bike to kitchen counter.

In addition to the Crate, there are a variety of pannier-style bags and a child's seat that all quickly snap on to Klik's platform.

Akers said the Crate weighs about four pounds empty and carries up to 55 pounds of goods easily.

"We have a product that is very user friendly via wheels, handle, and clicking on smoothly," he said. Akers said Fietsklik market is young mothers or families who want to have one bike that can, "be light and fun one moment, hauling groceries the next, and then the kid the next. That's the idea,1 bike behaving as many."

Fietsklik's Kickstarter campaign is nearly fully funded.

How to carry a case of beer (and other unwieldy items) on your bike
Panniers were a great invention. But with city cycling, there's a thrill in trying to carry big bulky things by bike. Fietsklik is an expandable Dutch system of rack-top carriers for bikes.

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