How Air Canada Lost a Customer Who Was Trying to be Green

air canada flight image

So I am off to Boston for the Greenbuild show, and as usual I take my Strida folding bike, as I have on many flights before. It is a great way to get around and see the City and I feel a little better about having to fly when I know that at least on the ground I am emitting less carbon dioxide. I go to check in and the attendant asks "what's that?" I say a folding bike. She says "I have to charge you 50 bucks, we have a charge for bikes." I say that I understand, bikes are usually big and awkward but this folds up and is in a case and is under weight and maximum bag dimensions. And it is a folding bike, not a regular bike, designed for travelling. She says "nope, it's a bike and you have to pay." I ask if they charge for snowboards, which are longer than the bike. "Nope." I ask if they charge for skis, which are much longer than the bike and awkward. She says "nope" I ask her why she is charging me. "Because it's a bike."

Goodbye Air Canada.


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