Hot Green Collar Jobs: Bike Mechanics

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Creative Commons: Josh Parrish

Last summer we wrote that in Toronto, Bike Mechanics are the New Doctors- it was that hard to get an appointment. Now the trade association and the Learning Enrichment Foundation are doing something about it, and have launched the The Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance Program to train out-of-work youths to fix and assemble bikes.Paola Loriggio writes in the Star:

Many "will walk right into a job," says a project organizer, Rob White, sales vice-president at Outdoor Gear Canada. He estimates there are openings for 50 to 100 bike mechanics each year in the GTA.

It is an eight week program with hands-on training, taking place in bike shops. One commenter to the Star said "Its a bike. It doesn't take 8 weeks to fiqure out how to fix a bike."

But it does take time to teach out-of-work kids how to do handle a job, and you can put a bike together in a hurry or learn how to do it properly so that it is true and safe. It takes time to learn how to do things right.

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