Home-made Electric Car Cycle

Fed up with high gas prices? Well, take heart and watch as one American fights back with a hybrid pedal power and electric car that he built himself. In electric motor mode, the little four wheeler can hit speeds up to 30 mph, keeping up with traffic pretty well -- as you can see on the slightly longer video overleaf.

When BoingBoing picked up TreeHugger's piece on the four-wheel drive pedal powered Trailcart, YouTube user Welmoed chimed in with a report on her husband's human powered vehicle. Welmoed comments that they use the cart for running errands within a ten mile radius of their home.

The concepts differ: Welmoed built a two-wheel drive four wheeler with optional electric or pedal power while Trailcart is unique due to its four-wheel drive ATV construction. But Kudos to Welmoed and her husband for a great idea, and thanks for sharing! This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is what the world needs if the next generation is going to enjoy life sustainably!

Via ::BoingBoing

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