Hollywood Bike Patrol Wants YOU


A couple of weeks ago, many of you shared your insights about the possibility of Hollywood giving us cyclists who don't look like lame-asses. After witnessing yet another display of dorky pedaling during Ricky Bobby's nadir in Talledega Nights this weekend, we're convinced that more must be done. Put on the coolest helmet you can find and help the TreeHugger Hollywood Bike Patrol spot celebs on bikes in real life, in movies, and on TV. The Patrol will work similarly to Defamer's PrivacyWatch, only you're welcome to submit media sightings. Read about Colin Farrell pedaling in the Valley? See a gem like Brad Pitt's family of cyclists moment? Witness yet another use of the bike as the screen writer's go-to indication of prolonged adolescence or defeat? Help us out! Send tips labeled "Bike Patrol" to kyeann(at)treehugger(dot)com. ::