A history of British cycling in one big infographic

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© Rac/Cigna

Well, this is different. In America, the AAA is no buddy of bikes In the UK, the RAC, formerly known as the Royal Automobile Club, and Cigna Insurance insure cyclists, and produced this history of the bicycle infographic as part of their pitch.

Given the source, it's a shame that it doesn't address the impact that the car has had on urban design, on the nature and safety of the roads, or on the main cause of the accidents that make insurance necessary. In fact, there isn't a single milestone between 1890 and 1947, when it notes that cycling proficiency testing started, where they taught cyclists how not to get squished by cars.

The single biggest influence the history of cycling would be the history of the automobile, but perhaps that's another infographic.

A history of British cycling in one big infographic
Unfortunately the single most important factor in the history of the bike is the history of the car.

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