Hiplok: A Wearable Bike Lock That's Not Just For Tattooed Hipsters

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The weight of a bike lock is inversely proportional to the weight of your bike, and directly proportional to the cost. They are also a pain to store on the bike, and I often sling my heavy duty cable lock across my shoulders; No doubt it will garrote me in an accident some day. But now Industrial designers John Abrahams and Benjamin Smith have solved the problem with the very ingenious Hiplok.

The designers call it " the world's first bicycle lock developed specifically to be worn on the body." It is adjustable and easily put on or removed, much like an airline seat belt mechanism. The weight of the lock is on your hips, so it is much more stable. The graphic is highly reflective. it is also safer than throwing it over your shoulder:

If you've ever worn a chain lock or flexible lock on your body, you'll know that you have to lock it in place in order for it to stay in position. This is not very safe if you, or somebody helping you, needs to take off the lock in an emergency situation. Due to it's unique design, Hiplok is never locked into a loop while it is attached to your body, and it remains fully adjustable and quickly removable at all times when being worn.

hiplok bike lock photo

No doubt a lot of readers are wondering why anyone would wear their lock instead of just putting it on the bike. There are a couple of reasons; when you are starting and stopping a lot, it is faster that wrapping the chain around the seatpost. It doesn't scratch the bike. If you have to carry the bike at all (going multi-modal or climbing stairs) it makes the bike a lot easier to carry. (chains can weigh a couple of pounds).

hiplok bike lock photo

So ignore all the tattoo photos, this is not a hipster affectation, it is a good idea and I want one. £69.99 at Hiplok, found on TrendsNow.
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