Hiker Sit-Down Tricycle


Hidden among the ATV's at the Sportsmans Show was an actual human powered device. Mechanical Engineer Stephen Coates thought that traditional bikes have limitations when it came to balance, comfort, storage and joint-friendly leg action. He has developed the hiker, and says that he " has done away with the inefficiencies of both traditional bicycles and recumbent bicycles/tricycles. For starters, the seat is at standard chair height and does not require a complicated movement to get onto and off of. The revolutionary tangent lever design abolishes circular pedal travel in favor of a simple leg extension for forward movement. Due to the versatility of this design, all that is required is a simple internal 3-speed hub to ensure optimal gearing with minimal changes. As for steering, all that’s required is an intuitive lean, thanks to the new center-pivot steering ."

I found the "tangent lever design" to be the most intriguing feature; like in rowing, the large muscles of the thighs are directly applied without the circular motion of a normal bike. I have also been on adult tricycles which are almost impossible to turn, and loved the center-pivot steering. I look forward to a road test! Hiker from ::BetterMotionGroup

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