Higher Fuel Prices Increase Bicycle Sales (And Bike Sharing?)


At least this seems to the evidence gathered by the Bikes Belong Coalition, a U.S. bicycle industry organisation dedicated to putting more people on bicycles more often. After surveying 150 bicycle retailers in nearly 40 states they concluded that almost three quarters of this stores were selling more bikes than the same time last year. Close to 90% said they were also selling more bike servicing. According to Bikes Belong, this is because "many new customers are dusting off old bikes and bringing them in for repair. There appears to be a surge of interest in riding bicycles for short trips, errands, and commuting."

95% of the shops surveyed said customers cited high gasoline prices as a reason for their transportation-related purchases.

In related news Bikes Belong have teamed with health company Humana to offer local bike share excitement via Freewheelin with 1,000 bicycles available free to convention delegates, visitors and Denver residents during the current Democratic National Convention.

freewheelin bike share photo

On the first day they figured their stats to be "1,429 rides, 2,937 miles ridden, 92,000 calories burned and a carbon-footprint reduction of just more than one metric ton." The Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul next week will have the same opportunity to get on their bike.

::Bikes Belong via Outdoor Business Update

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