High-Performance, Star Wars-like Electric Motor Bike

Agility Saietta photoFully Charged/Screen capture

Once upon a time, the more speed-obsessed TreeHuggers were getting excited about the Vectrix electric scooter. Then Vectrix filed for bankruptcy.

Now there's another super-fast, high performance, zero emission two wheeler on the scene. It's called the Agility Saietta. 0-60mph in about 4 seconds. A range of around 100 miles. And a styling that looks like something out of Star Wars (or Red Dwarf, as Robert Llewellyn notes.):

World's First production Composite Monocoque Chassis (like an F1 Car) in a motorcycle. The Agility battery envelope IS the structure of the motorcycle - minimising weight, increasing strength and combining to give you, the rider, the most direct and tactile control possible.

The machine is also made from 85% recyclable parts, although they don't seem to be too worried about touting their green credentials. At least if this Fully Charged interview with Agility director Lawrence Marazzi is anything to go by.

The bike is currently on display at the National Science Museum in London. As for pricing, Engadget reports on the Saietta noting pricing of £9,975 for the S and £13,975 for the R, figures that translate to roughly $16,200 and $22,650 in US money.

High-Performance, Star Wars-like Electric Motor Bike
The Agility Saietta would not look out of place cruising around the Death Star. It even keeps its "good, green side" secret...

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