Here's one way to get a car out of the bike lane: Pick it up and move it.

a boy in Brazil
Screen capture Youtube

Jason Kottke of the eponymous asks "How many times have you seen a car parked in the bike lane and wanted to somehow move it out of the way?" I certainly have, but am a small person and the cars blocking our bike lanes are usually large.

However in Brazil, the cars are often small, and this cyclist looks like he lifts serious weights. He picks up the end of this little car blocking the bike lane (he looks like he could probably lift the whole thing) and pivots it around, to the cheers of the fans. Then he gets back on his bike and rides away. And of course there is a comment in Youtube: "If he was really serious about safety, he would be wearing a helmet."

fedex laneLloyd Alter in the Fedex Lane, April 2015/CC BY 2.0

Now I wonder if he can lift a Fedex truck.

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