Here's another way to store your bike in your apartment: The Milestone

Milestone alone
© Takumi Ota

A lot of people are proud of their bikes and store them in their apartments; that's why 10 ways to hang your bike on the wall like a work of art is one of our most popular posts. For those who have room to store them on the floor, here is an interesting approach: The Milestone.

Made of 24 kilos of marble (52.9 pounds), nobody is going to knock your bike over when you put it in this stand. Made in Japan, it is a bargain at 78,000 yen ( US$ 655 at today's rate) because after all, it is more than just a bike stand, as designers MILE explain:

Practical and sturdy, this product transcends categorization of any kind — neither as sculpture or an object of nature. Connecting the indoors and outdoors, it serves as a buffer to blend your bicycle inside your room. The slits carved in solid stone will hold memories of you with your bike.

More at Love One. Found on Core77, where Jeri worries about the cost of shipping.

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