Heklucht by Himom


It was intended as an art project by Studio HiMom in the new neighbourhood of Ypenburg in the Netherlands;

Eight products will be placed in front of eight houses. The goal of the project is to stimulate an interaction between neighbours, while pumping up the tyres of their bicycles. The hurdle is made out of polished stainless steel. Because of this, it shines like a jewel on the grey pavement.

Beautiful and functional, it would make a statement where I live and have to carry fifty cents around for the air pumps at gas stations: Air is free.


from Josh Spear: "what about the functionality and maintenance of our precious rides? Netherlands based design studio Himom, the team of Jeroen Bruls and Krijn Christiaansen, have answered this question with the combination bike stand and pump, the Heklucht. The stainless steel construction lends to its durability while the polished steel exterior shines brightly against the dull, grey of city sidewalks. The Heklucht is a perfect combination of design and functionality, and although originally conceived only as an art project, it most certainly has a place in our urban lives!" ::Heklucht via ::Eco-Geek

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