Have You Seen This Bike? Copenhagenize Creator's Famous Cargo Bike Was Stolen

mikael copenhagenize stolen bike photo

Photo courtesy of Mikael/Copenhagenize.com
Update: Great success! The stolen bike was found! Read about it here.
Bring Out the Torches and Pitchforks!
I know we have many readers in Copenhagen. This is a quick post to try to help out Mikael from Copenhagenize; his beautiful red Bullitt cargo bike (the same company that made the Sperm Bike) was stolen. It's quite unique and recognizable, and has been featured in countless photos on the web and magazines. Read on for more details and what to do if you spot the red Bullitt.

Photo courtesy of Mikael/Copenhagenize.com
If you spot it, I'm really looking forward to hearing about it. There are loads of Bullitts on the streets of Copenhagen, but not many red ones. It's also quite unique for a Red Bullitt.

- It's red with a Brooks saddle and handlebars grips.
- The red side panels are quite rare.
- There is a black cover on the cargo box.
- It has a foldable seat in the box.
- On the cross bar there is a seat for the kids.
- Which is on top of a Cycle Chic sticker.
- On the right side there is an FC St. Pauli sticker (as above) and a "Du må gerne køre uden cykelhjelm" sticker.

I know it's a long shot, but if you see it: Hvis du bor i KBH/FRB og ser cyklen send gerne en sms til 26259726.

(Google translates it as: If you live in KBH / JER and see the bike please send an sms to 26259726)

stolen bike copenhagen photo

Photo courtesy of Mikael/Copenhagenize.com

More details and photos here: Copenhagenize
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