Have Fun On Your Bike with 50 No Handed, Easy to Master Tricks (Video)

50 bike tricks martin brooks ninan doff

Image via Vimeo screenshot.

There are lots of great reasons to ride a bike- it's good for your health and for the environment, and it's economical. But if you're not having fun on your bike, what's the point? To help you out, here's a video from director Ninian Doff called "A Professional Display of No Handed Bike Moves," which is just what it sounds like.

"Golden Tree" by Martin Brooks from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

Performed to "Golden Tree" by Martin Brooks, the tricks include the "approaching squid," the "Def Leopard drummer" and the "sobriety test."

And for those of you thinking of something derogatory to say about this post, why not get on your bike and practice the "nasty internet commenter?"


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