Hövding Helmet Is An Airbag For Your Head

hovding airbag bike helmet photo woman

This woman is wearing a bicycle helmet. Studies have shown that helmets are an impediment to cycling for some, particularly women, who don't like what it does to their hair. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have spent six years on the problem, and have developed the Hövding, a sort of air bag for your head. And as the video shows, it works.

The airbag is folded into a discreet collar; just like a car's air bag, accelerometers detect abnormal movements.

hovding airbag bike helmet photo inflated

The inventors describe it in DavidReport:

The actual collar is the visible part of the invention. The shell of the collar is removable and available in many different styles and fabrics and will be launched in new collections. Hövding is a practical, handy accessory that is easy to carry, is stylish and unobtrusive in its design, while it saves your life, says Anna Haupt.

hovding airbag bike helmet photo male

I am not certain that the collar would be very comfortable in hot weather, which is when people have more issues with helmets. But it is a very clever alternative if you don't want to wreck your do. More at DavidReport and Hövding

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