Haul A Heffalump with Help From Bikes At Work

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OK, so you were slowly coming around to the idea of ditching your car and taking up cycling. For the workday commute, the weekend recreation and the after hours trips to do the shopping. But then you thought, "Hold on a minute, how do I get the wheelbarrow for the vegie patch back from the hardware store?" "And how was I going to transport the soccer team's training kit to the playing field, or the kids camping gear, or ... ?" And you probably end up thinking, "Nah, nice idea, but I can't really give up the car, I need it for hauling lots of stuff around."

Fear not! For 'Bikes At Work' is here to rescue you. With their superhero trailers. These really are super trailers. They'll transport 136 kg (300lb) of cargo, all without any without carbon emissions, yet with all the benefit of gentle workout.

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Made made of channel frame, rustproof, aluminium with a heavy-duty galvanized steel axle, the line ranges from the modest (see link below for Andrew's review) to the extraordinary, capable of hefting between two and eight 68 litre (18 gallon) Rubbermaid Roughtote plastic containers. But that ain't all they'll manage. Bikes At Work show how they moved a full sized fridge using one. or how about two steel four-drawer filing cabinets.

Pricing starts at $400 USD and progresses up to $520 for the mega [2.4 m (8 ft) long] trailer. But dig around the site and you'll soon discover this not just some small business, making a niche product, it is an absolute passion. For Bikes At Work also provide a genuine Furniture Delivery Service (couches, carpets, and even castles), they once produced a book on Cycling for Profit (how to make money with the world's most efficient form of transport), as well offering a whole tranche of articles on how to haul with a bike and how to live car-free. Oh, and they'll also make up custom bike trailers or cargo bikes as well.

No excuses left, Ditch the car.

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PS. What's a Heffalump?

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