Hardcore downhill biking + helmet camera = whoa!

Going down mountain on a bike
Screen capture Youtube

You know we love bikes. But they're not just the best way to get around and great for your health, they can also be the source of adrenaline-pumping entertainment like the videos below. Now that we have the technology to put tiny cameras on the rider's helmet, we get the chance to have a look at what it's like to go down a mountain with just the rider's wits preventing broken bones (if not worse). Not something I'd ever try myself, but I'm glad to be safely along for the ride!

These types of videos will be even more awesome once virtual reality headsets become mainstream (like the Oculus Rift). Just add a fan blowing wind in your face and it'll be like you're there!

Going down mountain on a bikeYoutube/Screen capture

Here's a similar one but with better image quality and crazy flips:

Same, but seen from a different angle:

Here's a couple rides from 10,000 feet in Peru:

And something similar but in an urban environment in Chile:

Here's a nice forest setup near Vancouver:

And finally, a vertical commute in the Swiss Alps!

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Hardcore downhill biking + helmet camera = whoa!
This is more thrilling than any motor sport!

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