Guerrilla Bike Activists

In 2001 Toronto began a $73 million plan to create bike lanes, but the plan has gone awry. Two years behind schedule, the project has only used 50% of the budget it was promised. The cities cyclists are angry, and some have decided to do something about it.

"The city is taking way too long. There is no need for this. Why don't they just paint the bike lanes? People are dying." That quote comes from a member of the Urban Repair Squad, a group of activists who choose to remain anonymous because of their illegal actions in the city. The group have been sneaking through the city, painting cycle lane logos down lanes of traffic.

They started in late May, and because they are using the official city logos their work often goes unnoticed for some time according to The Star's coverage, "The lines may have been sloppy, but that didn't stop cyclists from using the lane for two weeks until the city cleaned it up last Monday."

The city is reacting by cleaning up the paint, even when it is in areas that are due to get bike lanes anyway. Despite being behind schedule and out of cash, the city is paying $1973.74 to clean each section of road. The clean road then sits there, unpainted, waiting for the money to paint it. It's a complicated situation, and the city does at least agree that more needs to be done to protect cyclists, but that isn't stopping unnecessary deaths whilst this work is waiting to be done. ::The Star

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