Guerilla Sticker Campaign Sticks It to Barclays on London's Rental Bikes

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Image from LRB blog

Officially they are called Barclays Cycle Hire, unofficially they are called Boris Bikes after the Mayor of London who introduced them.

But slowly all kinds of subversive tags are showing up on the new rental bicycles that dot the town. That big blue Barclay's logo on the rear wheel was just too inviting to ignore...Not everyone is happy with the banks and their profits these days and this is an easy way to vent.

Barclays is a big bank that paid big money-- £25 million--to buy their sponsorship. As well as getting their company colours painted on the street as bicycle lanes, they also get their logo on the 4,000 bikes that are part of the new rental scheme. Others object to the commercialization of the bike rental scheme, feeling that London has become one big blue ad for the bank.

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Image from Camp Donuts

These stickers appeared one morning to convey some pranksters' views on the bank and its sponsorship.

In another hit, thousands of stickers, in the same shade of blue and same font that Barclays uses, were placed on bikes all over the city, carrying such messages as "Barclays does not give a shit about you" and "£20m investment in bikes, £7300m investment in bombs".

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Image from youcanstickit

These fake stickers "for the modern world" choices are a bit more fun on the theme.

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