GROW, the Bicycle that Grows with Your Kids (Video)

ORBEA Grow Bicycle for kids© Alex Fernandez Camps

In order for a product to be sustainable, it needs to last; both technically and emotionally. Alex Fernandez Camps, a Barcelona-based industrial designer, decided to come up with a good quality kids' bike that is easy to ride and grows in size. Orbea, the Spanish bicycle manufacturer that believes that kids love vehicles more than toys, just launched GROW bikes in Spain.

ORBEA Grow system© Orbea
Because the bicycle grows in size, it can be used by the same child for twice the time; using 1 bike instead of at least 2. The advantage of GROW, apart from reduced economical and ecological costs along the whole of its life cycle, is a much better ergonomic adjustment for the user. Kids often ride a too small or too big bike for quite a long time which is not healthy.

ORBEA Grow bicycle lifecycle© Orbea

This light and high quality aluminum bicycle has an adjustable seat, handle and also adjusts the length of the frame. It comes in 3 sizes: Grow O for age 1.5 to 4, available for 179€; Grow 1 for age 2 to 5 years at 239€ and Grow 2 for 4 to 9 year olds, priced 249€. For younger kids, check out the Wishbone Bike, and don't forget that good bicycles can be shared!

Kids love vehicles more than toys from Alex Fernandez on Vimeo.

GROW, the Bicycle that Grows with Your Kids (Video)
ORBEA has devolved the GROW system that lets kids' bikes be adjusted in size for better ergonomic, economic and ecologic performance. It just hot the Spanish market, see what you think!

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