Green Microcycle Plus: The world's first electric bike that doubles as a pedal generator

Green Microcycle Plus
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File this under "It's about time." Ride this e-bike around town, and then park it in your living room and generate clean electricity.

Adam Boesel, the creator of the Green Microgym and the Green Microcycle bike generators, which are being used in a "Green Read & Ride" program, hasn't just spinning his wheels, as his latest product is an electric bike that does double duty as a home electricity generator.

The Green Microcycle Plus (a 26" cruiser e-bike) and the Green Microcycle Plus/Minus (a 20" folding e-bike) can be cycled just like any other e-bike, with a 350W rear hub motor for pedal-assist or throttle-based electric riding, a removable 36V 10 Ah lithium-ion battery, a top speed of 20 mph, and a range of 20-30 miles per charge, but they also come with a heavy duty stand that allows the bikes to be used as pedal-powered generators. These bikes can produce anywhere between 30 and 100 watts, depending on the rider, which can go directly back into the home via a standard wall outlet. Granted, this isn't nearly enough power to take your home off of the grid, by any means, but it is a way to cleanly charge or offset the electricity of a number of small electronics devices.

The Green Microcycles can also be used as a standalone (off-grid) charger for 12V batteries, when used in conjunction with a charge controller, which means that they could serve as an emergency power source or simply as a way to charge backup batteries or power packs.

The Green Microcycle Plus is built on a step-through beach cruiser style frame (26" tires), comes with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur, an LED headlight, an LCD display, a front suspension fork, disc brakes, a bell, a chain guard and kickstand, and fenders, and weighs about 58 lb. The Plus/Minus folding model is also a step-through frame, but with 20" tires, and has many of the same components (but with standard side-pull brakes instead of disc brakes), and has a rear rack and rear LED light, with a total weight of about 53 lb. Both bikes come with the home charging stand and the necessary components for both grid-tied and off-grid charging (said to be a $550 value).

According to Boesel, the first batch of Green Microcycles are being ordered this month, with expected delivery to customers in September, and he's currently offering them at a discounted price of $2050 (full retail price of $2500).

More information can be found at Green Microcycle Plus or Green Microcycle Plus/Minus.

Green Microcycle Plus: The world's first electric bike that doubles as a pedal generator
File this under "It's about time."

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