Green Lane Project meets in NYC to discuss a more bike-friendly U.S.

Green Lane ProjectStreetfilms/CC BY 3.0

The Green Lane Project is a partnership between bike advocacy groups and six U.S. cities (Austin, Chicago, Memphis, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, DC.) that aims to "catalyze the creation of world-class protected bicycling networks on American streets". Each of the six cities has done great things, but the beauty of the partnership is that they can all learn from each others and share best practice. During the fall, representatives from the project met in New York City to do exactly that, and our friends at Streetfilms were in attendance with their trusty video camera.

Below is a video made by the Green Lane Project to explain its efforts:

As I always say: These bike activists and city officials are doing extremely important work and they deserve our support. Bicycling infrastructure is always a bit of a chicken & egg problem, so it's really important to have hard-working people who can break the logjam and get things moving; once there's a critical mass of safe bike lanes and convenient infrastructure (bike parking garages, workplace showers, bike-sharing stations, etc), the masses usually join in (it's the Field of Dreams principle: "Build it and they will come.").

Via Streetfilms, Green Lane Project

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