Green Blogger Does Winter Bike Move. Sort Of.


I am a fan of Vanessa of Green as a Thistle, who is making one change a day to green her life and documenting it on her blog. She has sold her car, unplugged her fridge, and made 338 changes in her lifestyle so far. When she announced that she was moving with a mover, I sent her Sami's post on bike moves and told her "bicycle moves are all the rage! put out the word and I volunteer to join." She took up the challenge and put out the call in the National Post where she is a writer, and on her site.


It was such a beautiful day for biking, too, considering that today is the worst blizzard of the year. Mike showed up with a rusty old Pashley. Mike runs Mikethebike, a used bike shop and delivery service promoting delivery of "lunches, groceries, office supplies and equipment- if we can load it into one of our cargo bikes, we will."


But the rest of us? A bunch of wimps. Even your correspondent, who had made a pledge to never drive downtown all winter, came by car because I was carrying a couple of boxes of books for a lecture that afternoon, my first drive alone downtown in three months. Mike did a couple of trips, but as a bike move, um, we failed. ::Green as a thistle

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