Gosha Galitsky's Suitcase Bike


We've had bikes that fold up small enough to fit into suitcases before, like the classic Bike Friday. And we've had intriguing bicycling creations from student designers previously too, such as the much coveted Cannondale Jackknife. The two come together here in the Suitcase Bike. Gosha Galitsky, a Israeli designer (now living in Italy) developed the concept (see pic of working prototype after the fold) while studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. He felt that, although there was a whole pelaton of folding bikes on the market, they were, "cumbersome, often heavy and difficult to carry." Yet, he was quite taken with wheeled luggage, which he considered could be transported with "(relative) grace" and little effort. So he conceived the Suitcase Bike to blend the ideas. The dirty and delicate components of the bike are enclosed within the case for moving about on public transport. It can be pulled along by the front handle, with the front wheel converting into a dolly wheel. No indication is provided of any commercial uptake on the idea. ::Gosha Galitsky, via Cocolico, from a tip by Lloyd.