Gone in 17 Seconds. The Bigfish Bike Folds and Unfolds Fast

bigfish folding bike orange photo

In working through a backlog of posts we should've brought to you earlier, we present the Bigfish folding bike. In a strange reversal or trade, the bicycle was designed in Slovenia and is made in Italy. Yet sells for just £495 in the UK, €600 in Europe and $549 in the US, which is quite decent for a folding bike, particularly one made in Europe.

It's main claim to fame is that it can be either folded or unfolded in 15 seconds. without need of any tools, and without any hinge points in the frame itself. This time seems accurate, as the YouTube video, later in this post, demonstrates the Bigfish being unfolded in 17 seconds.

bigfish folding bike studio photo

bigfish folding bike stowed photo

In the video (below) folding the 12.5 kg (27.5 lb) Bigfish does look rather easy, much of which is achieved by what is termed a 'click-clack' folding technology, that looks fairly robust, from the images previewed. With pedals and handlebars folded, the bike's dimensions are about 65 x 101 x 30 cm. It is a little longer than some other folders, but does seem to be quite narrow in its folded width. And it fits inside the rear of compact cars, or under desks, so appears rather versatile. Once folded it has four points of contact with the ground ensuring less opportunity for the bike to fall over.

Propulsion, whilst riding the Bigfish, comes courtesy of a sealed, three speed Shimano Nexus Hub, which removes the hassle of greasy derailleurs. That the Bigfish is available in four colours suggests its makers have high hopes for the bike. Accessories, like a front shopping bag, and even a exercise machine attachment are available. It comes with a two year warranty.

bigfish folding bike desk photo

Not that we image many offices would allow this on their carpeted floors, but it does show the folded size.

As for ride quality, ridethisbike.com gives the Bigfish a middle-of-the-road report card, saying its stable, swift and nimble, but that there are other folding bikes with a better ride -- in some aspects.

Yet another real world folding bike to consider if you are in the market for a compact bike with good performance.

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Photos: BigFish and video found at Bikes that Fold
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