Go-Go-Gadget Backpack for Morning Bike Commuters

suit in a backpack image

Photo by Highson via Gizmodo

Arriving to work disheveled is a primary reason keeping business people off bikes and in fossil fuel-burning vehicles when they head to work in the mornings. Changing into your work attire when you arrive is fine, but not when it's been crammed into a backpack and is all wrinkled. The Highson Suit Commute is a better option, and eliminates the excuses for a lot of would-be bike commuters. It's a suitcase, briefcase and backpack in one. Gizmodo points out that the backpack not only keeps your business suit wrinkle free but it also holds shoes, a tie, a laptop, and even a cell phone, MP3 player, and a towel to wipe the sweat off yourself when you arrive.

Of course, you could also pack your shower-in-a-bottle so that you can be sure to smell fresh when you arrive.

Suit-and-laptop-in-a-backpack - now that is handy for cyclist commuters! Well, at least those in Europe. You can buy it online from Highson for £40 with delivery in the UK and across Europe, but for international deliveries, you'll have to contact them to see if they'll ship to you.

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