Ginger Ninjas Band Launch Pedal-Powered World Tour

Band tours 5,000 miles unsupported by automobile
We caught with the Ginger Ninjas when they played the Davis Farmers Market, but they've been rather busy since then. We borrow directly from their website; "In 2007, the Ginger Ninjas became the first band in the history of rock and roll to tour by bicycle, unsupported by automobile. On a 5,000 mile [8,000 km] odyssey from their home in Northern California to the pyramids of southern Mexico, they promoted transportation cycling while also exploring the frontiers of pedal-generated electricity, using their own bikes to power a hyper-efficient sound system."

Apparently the listening audience were encouraged to take turns getting up on stage to pedal the bikes to make the sound, taking as the Ginger Ninjas put it, "crowd participation to a new level." What was conjured up as 'a one-time adventure/statement/experiment' has now taken on a life of its own and the band is endeavouring to develop the concept into a rather audacious world tour. That world tour, known as the Pleasant Revolution, kicked off with visits to the recent US Democratic and Republican Conventions from whence they head off the US east coast. They haul their instruments, sound system, as well their daily living necessities, on Xtracycle sport utility bicycles, the company co-founded by Ginger Ninjas front man Kipchoge Spencer. Kipchoge also co-founded WorldBike, who build Xtracycles for African utilitarian transportation needs. Here's a guy who obviously has a lot of energy and passion, and who's kinda action oriented. We need a few more inspiring souls cut from this cloth (read his Grist Interview).

Check out the Ginger Ninja (playing folk punk to folk funk to Latin ballads, simple ska, and fantasy American bluegrass) tour dates on Myspace, they may be passing by your way soon.

::Ginger Ninjas via Momentum magazine.

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