Giant Citystorm Bike (plus Halfway and Revive)


The other day we mentioned Trek's Lime bike for casual lifestyle riding. Giant have also been prepping models for the same market. One of which is their Citystorm, a model they developed with UK designer, Michael Young. Who is quoted as saying, 'In order to create a level of design communication appreciated by more demanding consumer all the metal finishes and small fixings are finished to a level that you might imagine an Apple Mac consumer expects'. Which is great, but when talk moves onto a 'form vocabulary', 'a new visual iconism', and lozenge shaped transparent windows for the mudguards (fenders), then I start having second thoughts. Thankfully the bike itself is a tad more intriguing than the designery waffle. It has integrated security in the form of wire/kevlar cable that pulls out of the down tube for quick, or longer term, theft prevention. Similarly the headlight is moulded into the front tube (battery hides inside the tube itself. Other city dweller friendly detailing includes, an enclosed chain connecting to a sealed 8 speed hub, as well an anti-rust treated frame. Though to suggest these refinements push "the bike into the modern age of design" might be gilding the lily just a smidge.



The Giant site for the Citystorm only seems to be in Taiwanese at the moment, but on the English language site you might be interested in their 28 lb (12.7 kg) speed folder, the Halfway and their Revive, sort of a loose cross between a Schwinn Stingray and a recumbent. The latter has a sealed Nexus hub and the former and standard exposed gear cluster.





::Giant Citystorm, via Yanko Design, from yet another Lloyd tip.