Get Ready for Bike to Work Day (And Then Keep Going)


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There are So Many Reasons to Bike to Work

Bike to Work Day is tomorrow (Q?: How can we make biking to work 'normal'?), and our friend Chris Baskind over at LighterFootStep wrote many interesting things lately on the how and why of biking (plus tips on how not to become an Insufferable Cyclist). Read on for more details.Why? Starting at the beginning, Chris gives up 12 reasons to start using a bicycle for transportation. Here are a couple of highlights:

3. Bicycles produce no meaningful pollution when in operation. Bikes don’t have tailpipes belching poisonous fumes into the atmosphere. They also eliminate the oil, fuel, and hydraulic fluids dripped by automobiles onto the road surface — which means less toxic runoff into local waterways.

6. Using a bike for transportation can help you lose weight and improve your overall health. The health benefits of regular aerobic exercise are well known. Depending on your riding style and local road conditions, you could easily burn 600 calories an hour through brisk cycling. Most bike commuters report losing 15 to 20 pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.


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Next comes a helpful primer on how to ride your bike to work:

Choose your route carefully. The most direct way to work isn’t always the best. Pick streets with activity appropriate to your comfort level on the bike. Watch out for areas marked off-limits to non-motorized traffic (most tunnels, for instance). One of the best things about cycle commuting is being able to vary your route. There’s usually more than one way to get from Point A to Point B, and that’s part of the fun.

Common Question?
The next article is about a question that many would-be cyclist might be asking themselves: But won't I stink if I ride my bike to work?

And remember, I still want to hear your opinion here: Q?: How Can We Make Biking to Work 'Normal'?

Some riders are fortunate enough to have shower facilities on-site or at a nearby building. It’s worth looking for these. You might be able to negotiate shower privileges at a nearby gym or spa. Ask other cyclists what they’re doing.

What to Avoid

Finally, there's the tongue-in-cheek How to Live with Insufferable Cyclist Syndrome:

The best bicycle evangelism is a healthy, productive you. There’s no need to insufferably hector a co-worker about what their SUV commute is doing to the environment. They know. Evangelize by example: folks around the office are going to notice your energy, great attitude — and shrinking midsection. You’ll be asked your secret soon enough.

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