Get Around Gridlock And Over Broken Infrastructure With The Hanebrick Electric Bike

This might be the perfect vehicle for the next two years: The Hanebrink off-road electric bike. Political gridlock may well lead to road gridlock as transit and trains get cut. But this thing can get around anybody and over almost any kind of broken infrastructure with its 600 Watt brushless electric motor and its fat tires. It is the true SUV of electric bikes.

According to Gizmag,

The motor can power the vehicle up to 20 mph in the highest of the dual range 14 gears without pedaling but the rider should be able to get higher speeds with a little bit of clever gear know-how and a generous helping of rhythm.

"The motor is geared through the bicycle gearing so we recommend some pedaling to shift gears if you are looking to achieve the maximum speed from the motor," the company's Kane Fortune explained to Gizmag. "Power shifting is possible though because it is a bicycle we recommend pedaling through a gear shift. As long as you are in the correct bicycle gear, your pedaling will always allow you to add speed with just minor effort. In a great pedal rhythm, riders can reach speeds up to 35 mph."

One lithium-ion battery pack can run thing for a hour, but the hundred pound capacity carrier on the rear can hold up to five more if you have a really long commute. Only US$ 5,500 from Fortune Hanebrink.

Love their interactive website, where you click on the little red dots for more information. More also on Gizmag
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