Funky Folding Fairing for Hase's Klimax Electric Trike

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Photo credits: Hase

Hase have been making bikes for over 15 years, but they seem particularly pleased with their latest offering the award winning KLIMAX. This electric-assist recumbent tricycle is designed for all weather riding, by virtue of wind and rain shedding fairing that deploys over the trike without need of any tools. In presenting the Eurobike 2010 Green Award, the European Cyclists' Federation President Manfred Neun, said "this product is really competing with upcoming electric cars."

The Klimax is really another Hase trike, the Kettwiesel, that has been weatherised. It sports a 180W electric engine which can automatically power-off when speeds of 24 km/h (15 mph) are attained. The lithium ion battery has a range of 47 km (29 miles) when using 50% muscle power. But the key thing that sets the Klimax apart is its funky foldable fairing. This can be unfolded like a small dome tent and quickly attached to the trike to shed rain. A rain poncho can in turn be fitted to the rider end of the fairing for when, as Hase put it, "the drizzle turns to deluge."

The promotional video shows the Hase Klimax being ridden through long puddles, suggesting the rider stays dry, from the underside as well, even though there is no lower fairing. Maybe the mudguards (fenders) resolve this issue?

Riders of the Klimax will no doubt have deep pockets as they'll need to find €5,590 (or about $7,400 USD) to enjoy the thrill of carbon dioxide free recumbent riding, whatever the weather. The fairing alone can be bought as a retrofit kit for about €900.

(Personally I'd rather just don the cheaper, and more versatile, option of rain jacket and pants.)

Admittedly these are not the sort of costs your average cyclist is used to covering, but they are considerably cheaper than the funds required to pick up even the smallest electric car. And a greater diversity in greener mobility alternatives needs to be encouraged not dumped on. Who knows what bright ideas the Klimax's fairing might spawn in the mind of some other bike designer?

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Photo credits: Hase
Hase Klimax, via IF Design

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