Free Public Bicycle Pumps Installed in London

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Photo: cyclehoop

Got a flat tire in the middle of town? Worry no longer (if you are in downtown London). Sleek, clean looking bicycle pumps are hitting the streets.

The City of London (the financial district) has already allocated free bicycle parking spaces at many of their car parks. Now they have gone a step further and installed these handy pumps there too.


Photo: cyclehoop

Cyclehoop, those innovative designers who brought us public bicycle locks have now created, and had installed, a series of elegant bicycle pumps for public use. They are at two bicycle parking lots, and hopefully more will come.

The pump is hand operated and features a high pressure gauge with a pump hose which fits a wide range of tire valves. It is housed inside a robust stainless steel body with a solid steel pump handle and an armoured air hose. The pump is designed to withstand constant public use and vandalism, as it needs to be in riot-torn London.

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Photo: cyclehoop

The installation and operation is simple since no electric power is required. It is a modern looking piece of street furniture and looks clean and neat. A welcome addition to making cycling easier and more convenient.

Cyclehoop employs several architects dreaming up cycling related designs. They have all kinds of ideas: public bicycle pumps, bike locks on railings, movable sheds for parking, wall-mounted racks and two-tier double racks. All of Cyclehoop's products are manufactured in the UK.

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