For Bicyclists: What To Say When Drivers Yell At You

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Comic by Rosscott

So you're cycling along and a driver zips by, chewing you out for some terrible deed you've committed just for being on the road on two wheels instead of four. What do you say or do that gets a dig in at the driver without drawing you into an argument or potentially bad situation? A comic by Rosscott has the answers. Click through to check them out. Rosscott, a graphic designer (and self-proclaimed lover AND fighter) came up with a shortlist of solutions. My favorite is getting a song stuck in their head. If you want to be pure evil, launch into a loud version of Rebecca Black's "Friday" -- especially if it's not Friday.

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See the large version of the comic here. You can also buy a poster of this comic for $10 at Rosscott's web store. Who knows, maybe hanging it up around bike repair shops or cafes could do some good.

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