Folding electric scooter goes anywhere

This compact, sleek-looking Moveo electric scooter has a surprise: when you hop off, you can fold it neatly into a moveable package, somewhat akin to an oversized roller suitcase.

The Moveo is the design brainchild of Antro, a non-profit Hungarian organization that has also designed the wood-framed hybrid Solo car.

Moveo goes up to 35 kilometers (22 miles) on a charge, and can re-charge in just an hour. It has a maximum speed of 45 kilometers (28 miles) per hour. An integrated handle and hinged parts allow the scooter to be nearly folded and rolled (or perhaps more accurately, pulled) to a secure parking area.

At a weight of 25 kilos (63.75) pounds, it isn't likely that Moveo owners would want to lift the scooter up a long flight of stairs, or roll it much further than anyone would want roll an equally heavy roller suitcase (let's say at most two city blocks).

It's nice to know that if you really want to, however, you can take the Moveo with you. That versatility would make it a great plus on ferry rides, for example, up short staircases, or around unwieldy corners.

On the minus side are the Moveo's prospective price tag. Antro has produced a fully operational pilot, and is estimating that with a small production run, the scooter will cost about US$ 4,695.00. Planned release is in 2014 if the company can raise the capital. (Has Antro heard of Kickstarter?)

Moveo already has some competition - the Boxx, introduced last year, is an all-electric scooter that already is a suitcase - no folding required and storage space under the seat provided. Box will go 40 miles on a charge and costs less than Moveo - US$3,995. On the down side, Boxx is boxy and skinny, fitting into tight spaces, but weighs 90 pounds, and is not foldable. It does have handles, but would be even heavier to move around.

Which one do you like better?

via Gizmag

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Folding electric scooter goes anywhere
The rounded, organic shape of this electric scooter makes it attractive, but is a 56-pound fold-up scooter at all practical?

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