Folding bike pioneers create cargo bike, destroy Kickstarter goal

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We're not short of cargo bike options these days.

From Organic Transit's ELF velomobile to the iconic Christiania bike, there are an increasing number of bikes and trikes that are positioning themselves as a viable alternative to the car, at least in an urban environment.

Now Bike Friday, the Portland- Eugene-based company that's become known for its innovative folding bikes, is getting into the cargo bike business too. While it's so far built 70 or so early versions of its Haul-a-Day cargo bike in its R&D department, the company is now looking to Kickstarter to fund a major expansion of its production line, aiming to build a whopping 1000 Haul-a-Days in 2015. The chances look good that they'll be able to do that—and maybe more. Originally asking for $45,000, the campaign has already raised over $114,000 with 12 days to go. (This success might have something to do with the fat rewards they are offering, including some really good prices on your own Haul-a-Day.)

So what's so special about this particular cargo bike? Here's a rundown of the key features being touted by Bike Friday:

—Adjustable size: Fits riders between 4'6" to 6'4"
—Extremely light: The Haul-a-Day weights 32lbs, compared to many cargo bikes which start at 40-50lbs.
—Transportable: Fits many car, bus and train racks.
—Easily stored: The Haul-a-Day stands upright on its rear end, meaning much easier, space-saving storage.

It definitely looks like a contender for many families looking to reduce or eliminate their dependence on the car. Head on over to Kickstarter if you'd like to support the project and/or get hold of your own Haul-a-Day at a pretty economical rate.

Folding bike pioneers create cargo bike, destroy Kickstarter goal
Bike Friday have long been known for their innovative folding bikes. Now they are getting into the haulage business too.

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