Flipping anti-bike arguments on their heads (+funny video)

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Following up on my quite popular roundup of #replacebikewithcar tweets, below are a bunch more that I've found since then. First, however, if you don't know what #replacebikewithcar is or if you don't know much about Twitter, I'll give a quick summary of both.

Twitter, if you've somehow avoided the little blue bird up till now, is a place where people show the world how intelligent they are (or, in some cases, how intelligent they are not), where people stalk celebrities, where people chat publicly with friends, or where people simply share stories they like. If you add a hashtag (#) to a tweet, it will go into a stream of all tweets with that hashtag.

So, what exactly is #replacebikewithcar about? It's a place for bicyclists to have some fun mocking the ridiculous things they hear on a regular basis about bicycling and bicyclists. The fun part of it is that they switch out "bicycle" for "car," and "bicyclist" for "driver." If you didn't check out my first article full of great tweets, I definitely recommend checking that one out. However, since then, I've seen many more great ones that seemed to be worth a share.

Before the tweets, however, here's a video along the same lines that a treehugger passed along on the bottom of my last article on this topic:

That comes from the good people at Bikes As Transportation.

Some good tweets were also passed along in the comments of that first post that won't show up on Storify for me, so I'll just pass them along here the old-fashioned copy-and-paste way:

    High Ridge Road in Stamford is closed, both directions, because of a bike vs pole accident #cttraffic #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    High Ridge Road in Stamford is closed, both directions, because of a bike vs pole accident #cttraffic #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    The business I went to didn't offer parking so I had to chain my car to a street pole #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    There's a pole at the intersection, drivers can get out of the car and push the button when they want green light. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    Driving to work sounds nice but it just isn't realistic. What if there's snow and ice on the roads? #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    Woman arrested after three children found locked in hot bike. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    We don't allow cars in this parking garage. You're going to walk your car down the ramp for safety. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    I don't care how many people drive cars in Copenhagen or Amsterdam. This isn't Europe. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    It’s unnerving having a cyclist pass you from behind at over 60kmph on a dark wet road! #ReplaceBikeWithCar #NiagaraOnTheLake
    Driving a car is just a hipster trend. Someday they'll realize how cost efficient and sustainable it is to ride a bike #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    I'm opposed to a car lane on my street because my children might get hurt while playing in front of our house. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    Look at this empty car lane. Thanks to the all-powerful car lobby, taxpayer dollars are being wasted left and right. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    Car drivers are always in the way. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    The city parks close at dusk, therefore, we will not be illuminating any of the car trails for use at night ‪#‎replacebikewithcar‬ ‪#‎roc‬
    A two-way protected car path? You will never be able to cross the street. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    I'm sorry, but there's just no room in the state budget for car infrastructure." #ReplaceBikeWithCar
    Car lane detour. Motorists must dismount and push car. #ReplaceBikeWithCar

Now, on to 10 great new tweets I found on Storify:

Again, if you have more to share, feel free!

Flipping anti-bike arguments on their heads (+funny video)
More bikers take to Twitter to mock bike haters.

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