FlipCrown is a tiny useful accessory that makes any bike fold flat for storage (Video)

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Storing one's bike in a small space can be a pain in the neck, with those pesky handlebars always getting in the way, resulting in a bike taking up more space than it could. We've seen solutions to this design dilemma before: TreeHugger founder Graham Hill launched the ThinBike a few years ago, a custom bike that folds flat for easier storage. But what if you could magically make your existing bike fold into a slim profile, instead of buying a new one?

That's what FlipCrown -- a neat add-on accessory that fits in the palm of your hand -- is designed to do. Created by designers, fathers and avid bike riders Patrick Jacquet and Rob De Schutter, who are based out of Ghent, Belgium, the FlipCrown is a small metal component that fits the threaded headset on most bikes, allowing you to flip the handlebars 90-degrees for easier storage, whether it's in tight hallways, crowded bike racks or inside homes with multiple bikes. Check out their explanatory video:

De Schutter tells us that part of the reason FlipCrown came about was that he wanted to keep his beloved vintage bike, rather than having to invest in a new, customized bike. FlipCrown comes with its own hex key, allowing you to lock your handlebars in the flipped position too, thus deterring would-be thieves.

It's a pretty smart idea, and the designers are currently seeking modest funding on Indiegogo, pricing the FlipCrown at USD $30 -- more affordable than buying a completely new bike. It comes in two sizes that will fit most bikes (check their sizing chart to make sure), and besides the basic FlipCrown, the campaign is offering different reward packages like quick-release pedals, aluminum bike shelves, and even their own custom-designed FlipCrown SlimBike, seen below.

There's also another gorgeous luxury model as the ultimate reward, designed in collaboration with vintage bike company Achielle, coming in a variety of colours and in men's and women's models.

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If this is one bike accessory that might make your life easier, head over to FlipCrown for more info, and check out their Indiegogo campaign.

FlipCrown is a tiny useful accessory that makes any bike fold flat for storage (Video)
This affordable add-on accessory turns almost any existing bicycle into a slimmer, more manageable version of itself.

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