Five Benefits of Cycle Commuting

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Photo: Richard Masoner, Flickr

Cycle commuting is apparently safer than not cycling to work. A Danish study assessing the health status of 30,000 people over a 14 year period found that, with all other factors being equal, simply cycling to work lowered the risk of death by 40%.

Studies have indicated that cyclists have at least 15% lower absenteeism than non-cyclist workers, with the higher the frequency and longer the distance cycled, the lower the rate of absenteeism. Bicycle Victoriacalculate that if you pedal at about 20 kilometres per hour, (~12.5 mph) for half an hour, then you'll burn the energy roughly equivalent to five Weetbix, or three bananas.

A bicycle commuter who rides about 6.5 kms (~4 miles) to and from work, each work day avoids over 900 kg of CO2 emissions, annually.

Other studies show a 4% to 15% increase in productivity, and 27% less task errors for physically fit employees.

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