Find your favorite bicycle-themed film short

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If you love film shorts, or you love biking, you will love the VeloBerlin biking films. The VeloBerlin Film Awards, now in their third year, are attracting some great filmmakers and the quality of the films reflects the widening pool of candidates vying for the 2100 Euros in prizes.

This year, 18 finalists were selected from among 120 entries. All of the finalists can be viewed on the website VeloBerlinFilmAward, and public votes count towards the final winner so feel free to voice your opinion.

From the poetic Winter's edge ("to live a little more alive") to the musical tour-de-force Cycle Finlandia, the list of entries open and close with an artistic focus on winter cycling. In between, you can find funny, phat, and fantasy.

Don't click close too fast on Cool Unicorn Bruv or you'll miss the best scene. Never saw a bike lane like that before.

US film director Russ Lamoureux's The Gift will bring tears to your eyes.

And while the movie Kingsman tours theaters, the film short Wheelin' introduces us to the Wheelmen -- in the voice of a retired commander of those preservers of the history the bicycle.

I haven't seen all of this year's entries yet, but if you watched the ones mentioned here, you will also be glad that there is more to come back for.

Voting remains open until 21 March 2015, but the films remain to be viewed after voting closes. Check out the Chronicles for previous years' fare if these bike-themed films left you wanting more.

Find your favorite bicycle-themed film short
As its reputation grows, the VeloBerlin film awards attract more talent

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