Fight Climate Change and Poverty: Christian Aid's Climate Ride

christian aid climate change bike photo

Image credit: Christian Aid

As a budding young environmentalist back in the nineties, I often used to get frustrated at the lack of cooperation between environmental groups and poverty-alleviation/development activists. It was as if you could either help the environment, or you could help people, but doing both was seen as a pipe dream. My how times have changed. As the impact of climate change on the world's poor makes itself known, it seems increasingly hard to call yourself an environmentalist if you aren't concerned with humanitarian and social justice issues, and it seems patently absurd to advocate for poverty relief without tackling climate change. The UK-based development charity Christian Aid has been aggressively calling for climate action for some time now - and they are getting on their bikes to drive (ride?) the message home. You can help.Applications are now open for a climate action bike ride from the UK to Copenhagen, culminating in the gathering of activists for the UN summit on global warming. Participants can either pay for the ride as self-funded riders, or they can raise funds which will be used to help Christian Aid's poverty relief work.

And if you can't make the ride - no matter - visit the non-profit's Countdown to Copenhagen campaign page and take a climate change pledge - calling for fair and just action to limit emissions; for rich countries to repay their carbon debt, and pledging to take personal action to limit our own emissions. Seems hard to argue with that.

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